Paths: A Woodland Photograph


Paths is a photograph taken during a journey through a park in Northern Pinellas County. As the day mostly provided an overcast day above the trees, a moment of faded light had shine through at the end of a path. Printed on Fujicolors leading paper, this woodland photograph will add a daily reminder to stay on your path as great things await you.

  • Image Made By: Brian
  • Location: Palm Harbor


Paths: A Woodland Photograph

A cherished 10 minutes on a gloomy day in Northern Pinellas County

Being a landscape photographer living in Florida,  it is not the easiest to capture wide vistas sweeping through our state. However, we do have plenty of parks, and we love woodland photography just as much as landscape photography. Exploring our parks allows us to be one with nature, enjoying peace and to capture the beauty created by our Father above.

The Image:

While the weather was nice, the clouds of gray continued draping over us. A cool breeze blew by every now and again as we trekked the dirt paved trails. After about an hour of exploration hoping to capture God’s creations of abstract imagery, we were pleasantly welcomed with a moment of light shining through the thick oaks towering above us. As the path had come to an end at the waters edge, it was a reminder to us. That no matter where your path leads, be sure to continue on it. Much of the time, it leads us with uncertainty of what’s to follow. However, even if you feel stuck, if you follow what our Heavenly Father has paved for you, you are certain to find happiness and success.While I have to admit, I am a chaser of light, rising early to capture the start to a new day. Unfortunately that was not going to happen on this day. On this morning, not much was to become for a soft golden light as the sun peaked the horizon. So on this Sunday, I decided to wait it out until late morning to see what awaited us weather wise.

Additional information


Acrylic Glass, Fuji Crystal DP II Matte, Wood


12"x8", 24×16, 30"x20", 45"x30", 54"x36", 60"x40"


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