Three Birds & A Fisherman


Three Birds & A Fisherman was an unexpected but happy welcoming on a crisp Saturday morning along the shores of Sand Key.

Printed on Hahnemuhle Baryta Fine Art paper and Gallery Standard wrapped canvas, Three Birds & A Fisherman is an Open Edition Print.

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Three Birds & A Fisherman was an unexpected but happy welcoming on a crisp Saturday morning along the shores of Sand Key.

Waking up on a Saturday morning prepping to do a few product shots of the Case+Drift Turkish Octavia and Palms towel collections, I was welcomed at first with a crisp cool air and slight breeze. As I walked the sands of Sand Key with toes in the sand as always, I was greeted by a shoreline of thick seaweed. As I walked North towards the jetty and rocks, the seaweed seemed to get thicker along the shore and deeper. Not the welcoming I had hoped for.

As the cool sand rested underneath each and every step, I was not going to waste a few moments I had welcoming in the new day with the soft morning lift. As the sun continued making it’s way higher above the horizon East of me, I continued to make it a morning of hopeful abstract imagery.

As I inched closer to the jetty in hopes of capturing a few interesting abstract images, I noticed along the dense thick off reddish seaweed, a welcoming pathway highlighted by the soft sun light. This interesting pathway as I thought, led to the jetty with a few birds singing away as the new had begun. Just to the left was a white egret who was interested in the beautiful morning songs from his feathered friends atop the rocks. Noticing the fisherman doing his best to catch his morning catch just off the end of the jetty as I continued to press the shutter and sip my cold brew. I I just knew I had to include him as well, as the moment just fit so well together. As I refocused my composition, I was not thinking at all about abstract, the scene in front of me unfolded almost into an abstract image itself. From the leading path of dimly lit seaweed leading to the singing duo, leads to a beautiful complimentary blue, with an interesting stroke of a cloud which just leads the fisherman, with his fishing pole stretched out leading you back into the image.

While the image may not be one of those wow photographs, it is however a special moment. With the colors and shapes between the seaweed, rocks and sky helping make this image complete, I am truly happy to share this moment with you.

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Canvas, Hahnemule Baryta


16" x 9", 24" x 13.5", 32" x 18", 40" x 22.5", 55" x 30.9"


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